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Graph Neural Networks in Big Data Analytics

392232 Schönhuth Winter 2022/23 Thu 10:15-11:45 (S) V6-116 and Zoom


The recent surge of machine learning (ML) has opened up various opportunities when analyzing big datasets. Beyond basic, non-ML supported techniques of big data analytics, such as identifying similar items in big datasets, or arranging how to distribute jobs on large compute clusters, for example, the ML supported techniques enable to extract knowledge from large datasets at utmost diversity and accuracy.

The seminar will start with a mini lecture. First, lectures will explain how to cluster datasets. Clustering is an 'unsupervised' machine learning technique by which to mine social network graphs, for example. Second, 'supervised' machine learning techniques (where 'deep learning' likely is the most prominent recent technique) and their use in analyzing big data will be discussed. The mini lecture will be followed by seminar presentations, to be presented in small groups of 1-2 students.


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Time table

Date Topic
20.10.2022 Organization & Introduction I (slides)
27.10.2022 Introduction II (slides)
03.11.2022 Introduction III / How to present (slides)
10.11.2022 Introduction IV (slides)
17.11.2022 Introduction V (slides)
24.11.2022 no seminar
01.12.2022 no seminar
08.12.2022no seminar
15.12.2022 An Efficient Graph Convolutional Network Technique for the Travelling Salesman Problem
22.12.2022 Semi-Supervised Classification with Graph Convolutional Network
29.12.2022 Christmas Break
05.01.2023 KGNN: Knowledge Graph Neural Network for Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction Variational Graph Autoencoders
12.01.2023 ETA Prediction with Graph Neural Networks in Google Maps Do Transformers Really Perform Bad for Graph Representation?
19.01.2023 Graph Normalizing Flows
26.01.2023 Graph Convolutional Matrix Completion