• Genome Data Science

    We develop methods and tools to work with tens of thousands of genomes and analyze and integrate the corresponding data.

    Model of DNA double helix in front of a student.
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392168/392169 Dörr Summer 2020 Wed 14:15-15:45 (V) in T2-205 and Wed 14:15-15:45 (Ü) in ZOOM


Data Science is an emerging interdisciplinary field with the aim to extract information from prevalently unstructured data. A basic skill for every data scientist is programming.

This course sets out to introduce Python, a modern object-oriented programming language, to prospective data scientists. The class covers basic programming skills and provides an introduction to computer science. In the second part, Python libraries and tools are presented that are handy in the daily life of a data scientist, such as Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, and Pyspark.

No prior knowledge of computer science is required, but basic training in mathematics is assumed.

This class will be taught online, through video lectures. Tutorials are offered in form of video conferences.


Time table

Date Topic Exercises/Addenda
22.04.2020 Introduction, logistics (slides) Ex01 :!: Tutorial rescheduled to 22.04 14h c.t.
29.04.2020 Programming & Python Basics II (slides) Ex02 :!: Due to holiday deadline is delayed to Saturday
06.05.2020 Programming & Python Basics III (slides) Ex03, course material
13.05.2020 Data management & Analysis (slides) Ex04 (PDF), Ex04 (Jupyter NB), course material
20.05.2020 Numerical Data Analysis & Visualization (slides) Ex05 (PDF), Ex05 (Jupyter NB), course material
27.05.2020 Tabular Data Analysis (slides) Ex06 (PDF), Ex06 (Jupyter NB), course material
17.06.2020 Applied Machine Learning (slides) Ex07 (PDF), Ex07 (Jupyter NB), course material
24.06.2020 Databases & Distributed Computing (slides) Ex08 (PDF), Ex08 (Jupyter NB), course material
01.07.2020 Advanced Programming (slides) Ex09 (PDF), Ex09 (Jupyter NB), course material
08.07.2020 Algorithms & Complexity
15.07.2020 Exam

Examination dates

1st exam: Written exam on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 14:00-16:30 in H1
2nd exam: Oral exam, please schedule date via email